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SimSTAFF Technology Services provides experienced candidates to the following applications as an example list, but not limited to:

º Stand-alone Crew Station Procedures Trainers
º Recurring Skills Trainers
º Flight Trainers
º Weapon System Trainers
º Mission Tactics Trainers
º Re-configurable Vehicle and Flight Trainers
º Distributed Mission Trainers
º Air Traffic Controller Trainers
º After Action Review
º Instructor-Operator Stations
º Stealth Viewer Applications
º Simulation I/O systems
º Intercom and Communications Systems
º Instructor Operator Systems (IOS)
º Flight models and vehicle models
º SAF and ModSAF support
º Visual and Radar Systems Integration
º Flight Controls
º Glass Cockpit and MFD Development
º Fire Control Systems
º Simulation Sound Systems

Temporary and contract staffing is designed to supplement your in-house resources with skilled technical resources to meet any requirement.

Companies that utilized large numbers of temporary employees have found it valuable to have a SimStaff Facilitator onsite to assist with motivation, increase productivity, and lead and manage SimStaff employees.

We provide qualified candidates for direct placement at a reasonable professional fee. Our Direct Hire service is offered on a contingent or retained basis.

If you've ever made a costly hiring mistake, you will appreciate the beauty of temp-to-hire. By evaluating employees on the job, you'll see how they interact with your co-workers and customers before making them a direct employee of your organization.
The technical talent we provide your organization is comprised of some of the most experienced and qualified simulation and training engineers in the country.
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