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SimStaff Technical Services was created with the vision of providing results driven consultative technical staffing services to the modeling, simulation and training industries.

"You guys at Sim Staff continue to exceed our expectations. Your candidates are right on the money or exceed our expectations. I appreciate the speed at which you deliver your candidates. The one twist or niche that I truly find outstanding is your continuous introduction of possible teaming partners. Your role as a catalyst in these emerging partnerships is a win-win for all. We have passed over opportunities to use other staffing solutions because most of them are just concerned with providing bodies. SimStaff delivers qualified pre-screened candidates with appropriate education and applicable experience. Thank you for all you do and we look forward to your continued exceptional services."
Vice President/COO
Hampton Roads Technologies, LLC
"I have had the pleasure of working with SimSTAFF during the past year to identify potential engineering candidates for our company. SimSTAFF applied their knowledge of the simulation market to successfully fulfill our simulation and engineering employment opportunities. They took a proactive role to ensure our requirements were met when we needed them. We are very satisfied with SimSTAFF’s performance and recommend them for your sim employment needs."
Director of Contracts
Compro Computer Systems
"It was good to experience the level of support and coordination from SimStaff. If this is the same responsiveness your other customers experience, then I think many good things are in store for SimStaff."
AVT Simulation
"We want to deal with a simulation-specific staffing company that can relate and understand our needs, without having to always brief other traditional staffing companies force us to do. It is refreshing to deal with SimSTAFF a specific niche staffing company."
Director, Business Development
Carley Corporation
"When being contacted by staffing agencies, I was very hesitant about a staffing agency's commitment to me. But, something different struck me about SimStaff. They were very personal and expressed a genuine interest in my needs and desires for employment. In fact, I was relocating to a city nearly 1000 miles away, and SimStaff took the time to travel to a residence I was interested in renting and take digital photos to email to me. How often do you find a staffing agency that is that dedicated to clients?"
Instructional Designer
Carley Corporation

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